Stress Levels

Well my stress levels have hit an all time high today 😦 things just keep going and going, To start with i slept through my alarm to get up and express, Last night Daniel blamed me for getting a Virus on his computer though it wasnt my fault i didnt go onto any new sites at all, though got really shitty at me, I dont have the fuel to go see Jade at the hospital at all, though i need to drop milk off to her and do breast feeds, the boys are in one hell of a mood and being very destructive and getting into everything and trashing the house mum bella and daniel cleaned for me yesterday, I feel likek crap have really bad hayfever or allergies, and there is no way i can sleep it off as the boys wont let me,
thats another thing that gets me when ever anyone else is sick or having a bad day they can sleep it off I cant though i have to suck it up and deal with it…… any way thats it for the moment just a quick entry i have to go save my lounge room from the Boys


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