jade again

couldn’t help myself wit puttin another photo up


2 thoughts on “jade again

  1. Wanted to maybe lighten your day. Showed Makenzie & Matthew Jade’s pics yesterday. Now mind you Makenzie is almost 5 & Matthew is almost 3. Matthew was right up to the screen of my computer “kissing his baby” wearing the blanket that he sent her. Priceless. Makenzie just plain wants her as a baby sister & thinks you should willingly trade her for our Matthew lol. They were hysterical over the picture of her having her first bath. Matthew is in that “why” stage, so lots of whys to her tube & being in the hospital. I have to say overall their reaction was precious & loving. They want to know when we are going to see her cause Kenzie wants to hold her & Matt wants to hug & kiss her. So, they both feel that this is “their baby” who just happens to live someplace else. They were tickled to death to see her with the blanket that they picked out. I pray every night for God to keep her safe ^ please let her come home soon. I’m sorry you are having some problems & will miss you on Facebook. Just know in your heart of hearts that you have folks here in the state of Connecticut in the USA that pray for your family every night & wish you all of life’s happiness. Hugs to you all.

  2. Aww thats priceless LOL, and i think its cute as well, I wont be on facebook as much as i normally am, as its causing problems between daniel and I so at the moment its jsut best if i dont spend as much time on it, though i will update on this blog as much as i can as i have it on my phone as well and i can blog on the move LMFAO!

    I hope that one day yourself and your grand kids will have the chance to meet jade that way i can thank you personally instead over the internet,
    Thank you so much for the prayers as they are very much needed and thanked for, I feel truely blessed to have met you, and even though we dont really know each other i feel close to you as well,

    Keep safe xx

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