Busy day

I have such a busy day a head f me today, I have to get boys off to daycare, Then i have Doctors at 8am, then need to get up to the hospital, as i have a catch up with a good friend also have an appointment with a lactation consultant, need to catch up with the doctors about jade for her blood test results, and to see how she is doing, plus try a breast feed or two, then also need to catch up with the eye people regarding Jades ROP ( Retner of prematurity) then come home at around 3pm and clean the house or just tidy up and start getting tea ready, also need to express every hour to two hours, to start building my supply up a lot so i will have a stock pile at the hospital, if i get a supply up i wont have to go up everyday i will be able to stay a home for a day and catch up on stuff here,


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