milk supply

my milk supply should increase a lot now i just found the blessed thistle that i need to take to help. So hopefully it should increase a lot. Oh jade is now up to 3 hour feeds now she is on 50mls my little porky bum really hoping i can get her to breast feed well as it’s the only thing i feel i can do right. Also Daniel and i pav down had a really good talk yesterday so now things should be better between us though it’s going to take a good amount of work from the both of us


6 thoughts on “milk supply

  1. Thank you vikki, thugh i have been quite mean to everyone and selfish as well, and its time that i step back and look at what i am doing to my family, SO the “talk” done me/us the world of good

    • Thank you so much i tend to write from the heart, and things that are going on in my head at the time, i probably write things that are a bit to personal though i am an open person,

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