Brain Damage

So yesterday while i was up seeing Jade, the physio lady came and hunted me down, She said that she had done an assessment on Jade the day before and that Jade has really high muscle tone, and asked how long i was going to be staying up there for yesterday as she wanted to show me ways to help reduce it the severity of things, I asked her if that meant Jade had brain damage, and she nodded her head to say yes, so i asked “what sort of brain damage are we talking about? her being just a little slow or all the way up to cerably palsy (sorry about spelling)?” She said that Jade wouldn’t be diagnosed with any of that until at least the age of 2, though with her history of seizures, her meningitis, apneas and bradycardias  and the blood clots that she did have in her ventricals of her brain things are not looking good


Jade had her repeat head ultrasound yesterday and it is showing that the fluid/bleed/blood clots are starting to resolve them selves so that’s a good thing, though her top ventricals are still enlarged, i need to wait until after 11am today after the Doctors have done their rounds to speak to them and see what they are going to plan to do, like if she needs to have a MRI or have a shunt put in or if they are just going t leave it


What are we going to do if Jade does have brain damage? I am so scared for her i really truly am, If she does Daniel and I are not going to love her any less, though what type of life is she going to have? The doctors cant seem to give me any straight answers though i want to have answers now so i can start preparing us for what might come, and so we can help Jade the best ways that we can, also research ways to help, though how can we help until we know what is happening or wrong…..


So its now looking like Jade wont be home for Christmas from what i can see, as they will need to have everything sorted, we always seem to get one step closer to the door then something happens that puts us 3 steps back, I’m sorry if it seems like i am just whining about nothing though i need to get it out, I’m just scared and worried for Jade that’s all


2 thoughts on “Brain Damage

  1. My heart truly goes out to you. I’ve been there and it isn’t easy in any way. Rather than brain damage we have heart defects, but in the end, it’s all scary when you question your child’s quality of life and face a whole new set of unknowns.

    Our thoughts, hopes and prayers are with you.

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