Mornings and Night

I really hate Morning and Nights, it’s such a made rush at our house,


In the mornings between expressing every hour to two hours i need to get the boys up and ready for daycare, Daniel awake and out of bed and ready for work and make sure i am all organized for the day, Like today i stayed home as Daniel and i have agreed i stay home from the hospital Tuesday and Thursdays so i can get on top of my sleep, housework and other appointments, and Monday, Wednesday and Fridays i go up to the hospital as soon as the boys are at daycare and stay there until Daniel has finished work and picked me up,

Today once i got the boys to daycare i came home, tidied up a little, vacuumed, 3 loads of dishes, washed Daniels work clothes and hanged them in the house (it’s been raining nearly all week here) went to the food bank got a $40 food parcel, Called up a few debit collectors stayed on hold for like ages and then paid the bills, cancelled the home and internet account for the old house tried to have a 2 hour nap (though wok up in a coughing fit an hour into it, went back to sleep and Doctors from the hospital woke me up to give Jades test results back), done the rest of food shopping put it all away, sorted out the chest freezer, threw out a lot of rubbish, picked the boys up from daycare, Got them tea ready and now put them to bed, plus also trying to express every 2 hours, that ended up being every 3 hours, still need to tidy up the mess that they made with tea and their afternoon snacks and get our tea ready


tomorrow i will be spending the whole day with Jade so i’ll be up there breast feeding where i can, doing her stretches, pumping every hour to try and build up supply, try and have Kangaroo care with her and possibly a little nap,


I feel a lot better for not going up today as i done a lot around the house, not that you can really tell now though i did accomplished a lot though i am absolutely stuffed now for it though, though i know in time that i will get used to it,


I also spent hardly any time on the computer today and feel really great about that, its amazing how much you can get done when you are not sitting in front of it all day or coming back and forth all the time,


Over all i am feeling quite good, stuffed though good


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