SO looks like Jade wont be home for Christmas šŸ˜¦ i know it’s still 2 weeks away though she still wont be home for it, the doctors told me not to get my hopes up, though after being told that we would not be able to bring her home at all then to tell me there is a very good chance of bringing her home before Christmas, it’s kinda hard not to, šŸ˜¦


Jade had another set back last night, she had a lot of Bradys and destats, that required a lot of stimulation to bring her out of it, the nurse said that we need to wait for her MRI to see if its her brain causing it, or if its other factors, the thing is what other factors could it be? and why cant they test for that now? She is having more than what a typical preterm baby would be so they cant just blame it on her being prem….. they already have jade onĀ caffeineĀ that isĀ meantĀ to stop the bradys and destats, though its not with hers, so either the dose isnt strong enough as she has put weight on or there is something else causing it…..

ItsĀ justĀ so frustrating, she does so well and the door is getting closer and closer thenĀ somethingĀ happens that puts us right back at square one, I know its to be expected with a prem baby n the ICN and Special care, though you feel so helpless, and you cant control anything that is happening


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