So on and off for the past couple of days i have been in some kind of mood and i don’t know what type of mood it is, one minute i am happy as anything then i am sad then i am worried then i am agitated, Im not sleeping to well of a night, i keep having nightmares of Jade where the Doctor tells us to come in either she has passed away or she is just about to, so of course i get straight onto the phone and call the hospital just to hear she is ok,

I know she is in the best place that she can be. though i guess it still doesnt stop me being scared for her

Oh Jade has now put on weight she is 2527g and has now gone up to 59mls of milk ever 3 hours pitty i dont make that each 3 hours.. Though i hope once i have her to the breast more she will make my supply go up even more, though i should also be getting up for the express between 1 and 3 am as well and keep at it, i have been getting up around 3ish the past couple of days though it hasnt really helped,


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