Well this morning i am totally shocked for 2 reasons


1) my first express of the morning i got 90mls of milk WTH!!!!! i have never made that much before, and i added up how much milk i have made since last seeing Jade and there is 700mls,  plus what ever else i express before i get up there to see her, so she at least has a days worth, as she is now on 472mls per day, Also i am going to try a breast feed for every feed for Jade today and see if that helps, on a good note, Daniel had his first hold of Jade on Saturday it was wonderful


2) i am just amazed how people “think” they know what it is like to have your child in the ICN or Special Care Unit,  SO people think its so easy to have your child there, they have no idea, Like yes i am used to it as i have had all my children either in the ICN or Special care, all besides Bryce, and its not easy, how can people sit there and judge you on how you should be feeling If they have no clue on how it is there????? It is both physically and emotionally Draining its not no walk in the park, and one of the hardest things is that you leave the hospital unable to take your child with you, and then you see all the other mothers walk out holding theirs and yeah you do get a tad bit jealous as you just dont know when you get to bring your child home or even if you will get to bring them home,


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