so upset :-(

so jade won’t be home for Christmas the doctors said today we will be lucky if she is home on her due date 😦 it’s really upsetting as I’m seeing mum’s take home their little ones and taking jade home seems to be getting further and further away


3 thoughts on “so upset :-(

  1. I *know* how hard that is. Truly I do and I’m very sorry. There is nothing worse than being stuck in the labor and delivery area in the hospital trying NOT to have your little one while hearing and seeing all the “normal” pregnancies carried to term and celebrating being there, having their baby and bringing it home in a day or two.

    It’s even worse when you have your preterm baby and cannot take her home until God only knows when. You’re given dates and milestones only to watch them slip by as you sit there watching other babies leave and go home and really start their lives.

    Just know and trust that when it is time, that will be you, you’ll get to pack up your sweet little Jade in her car seat and take her home for good. When you do it’ll be scary and exciting and you’ll be on eggshells, but each day will get easier as will snuggling her with no restrictions.

    It’s hard, but there will be a light at the end of the tunnel and you will all be that much stronger for making it through the long and painful tunnel. You’re going to be one tough mama!

  2. Oh Sarah, I am so sorry to read that Jade won’t be home for Christmas. Please stay strong for Jade and the boys sake and just think that when she comes home maybe you can all still celebrate a little xmas spirit and cheer for her. ♥♥♥

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