What an Afternoon/evening

So this afternoon/ evening has been so hectic and full on, Mum, Bella (Danial, house mate not husband)  and I were all inside on the computers LOL and bella went to move his leg ontop on the other one and his back gave out, think it was a pinched nerve or slipped disk, not sure yet he is still up at the hospital. so Mum and I were about to leave to pick Jason and Deacan Up from daycare when his backed locked so i had to call 000 for him so the Ambulance came loaded him up with the Green Whistle and Morphine, then carted him off to the Hospital,


Mum came home from getting the kids and OMG my oldest Jason had the worst attitude all i got was NO! to everything i said to him, and both f them were so full on with energy,


Mum had to go out as she has a dinner date with her boyfriend and his sister, Bella isnt here to give me a hand with them, and Daniel (husband) is still at work until god knows what time as he has a bit of catching up to do,

SO now i have to vewry hyperactive kids that just WON’T listen to me though i will be putting them to bed very shortly, i still need to express becuase of everything that has been going on i just haven’t had a chance to,


Will be receiving a phone call from Bella some time tonight to pick him up from the hospital i just hope Daniel is home from work so i can leave the house with out having to wake the boys up to go and get him


oh did i forget to mention that Jason has a serious attitude  tonight



What a night this is going to be


2 thoughts on “What an Afternoon/evening

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