Well we have started Summer already, and we have had some pretty hot days,

I know on sunday we had a pretty bad storm, it scared the crap out of me, there was water coming in through the front and Daniels work shoes were drenched with water so i was going to move them, when all of a sudden i see this big flash then followed by a huge BANG after it, we had a lightning strike either 1 or 2 houses up the road,

I just stood there put my hands over my ears and yelled out for daniel, it scared the utter crap out of me, i was trying to be “Brave” because of the  boys, though this one strike scared me full on

Jason’s eczema is playing up again as its now mixed with a heat rash, so the poor little bugger has this huge rash on the top of his neck, Jason’s body doesnt seem to agree with the heat, he always gets covered in rashes


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