Jade’s Night

Jade had an ok night, It could of been better,

First off she done Great with taking 62 mls out of her bottle only needed 10 mls put through her Nasal Gastric tube, though she did have 2 Bradys and Destats that had to be recorded 😦 that’s her first lost in over 48 hours, so now they will more than likely keep her on the monitors 😦 if she came off the monitors we were several steps closer to the door, also with her feeding to, though now we will more than likely be a couple steps back from the door :(,

Yesterday she done great, Jade was on and off the Breast for roughly an hour, and sucking for roughly 30 minutes of that, and i am talking about good strong sucks, though still had to have a 25 to 30mls top up through the Nasal Gastric Tube, so i was a little shocked over that,

The occupational therapy people are going to video tape Jade for her movements to see if any of the movements that she is doing point to brain damage though they wont know 100% until she has her MRI though that is about 5 to 6 weeks away

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