Update on us all

Ok first off let me say that i am really sorry that i haven’t made a post in a bit, just been flat out with the kids, house life, my husband, and Jade,


though first off I gave Jade her first bath yesterday and she loved it (usually the nurses give it to her) Jade is up 22g now to 2720g, and is now on 73mls of milk every 4 hours, and she was a naughty girl yesterday and pulled out her Nasal Gastric Tube… the nurses were not impressed about that,


Jason is doing great starting to talk more and more now, though he is on Antibiotics for a chest infection 😦

Deacan is good he started talking properly the other day, though we have just hit the terrible two’s!!!!!!


other than that everything is going good, not to much to update on im sure there is though i just cant think of it at the moment,


Im spending all day up at the hospital today so i will more than likely post more off my mobile while i am up there,



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