Legal Age

I honestly think that the government need to sit down and really have a look at the legal age they are letting the teenagers/ young adults do things at

At the age of 18, you can :

Buy cigarettes

Buy Alcohol

Dink in a pub

Get Married


At the age of 16 you can

Start having intercourse

get your learners permit



Being up and seeing Jade nearly every day i have seen so MANY kids having kids like WTH!!!! Children these days are not being properly informed about safe sex at school any more and there is always crap on   TV about having sex younger,

I have spoken to some of these young mums and they have said they “think it would be cool to have a kid” though yet they do not realize that pretty much when you have a kid your life stops so to speak of, you can no longer go out and get trashed on the weekends, no longer go “oh screw it im sleeping in” well i know some mums that still do that though they don’t count, as that’s just a bad influence


SO many children are having children now, either so they get a pay out Off centerlink and think its cool they get money each fortnight with out having to do anything or because they don’t want to work, or because their parents/school have not taught them properly about safe sex,

I was 22 when i had my first child, though i was also married to man i loved and still do love, and we have added 3 more to our family since being married,


My sister was young i think 18, when she had her first, though she had always wanted to be a mother, and was in a very steady and loving relationship to a person who is now her husband and they have been married for quite a bit of time,



This will probably fall onto deaf ears, though i REALLY think that the government needs to sit down and either raise legal ages, or to enforce in school the reasons behind safe sex… maybe the schools should show every girl and boy what it is really like to have children, and that some not all children are born due to unprotected sex or just plain out carelessness




2 thoughts on “Legal Age

    • No its not better that the government regulates it than parents teaching it, though i feel that more sex ed classes are needed in schools, the parents should be enforcing it, its one of your jobs as being ones, though when kids spend more time at school than at home why not learn it there to

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