Tomorrow May not come

Tomorrow May Not Come

Rushing down the street,

she didn’t stop to look behind her once

Tears streaming down her face,

She hoped it couldn’t be true

Wishing time could stand still

So she knew she would make it on time,

Not liking the the feeling of loneliness

or the coldness that she held inside

Wishing that she had spent living her life to the fullest everyday,

Knowing that there was a chance

that tomorrow would never come

he mind was filled with so many regrets

promises that were now never going to be kept

So let this be a lesson

Life is to short,

Live every day like your last,

never hold back,

never stop trying

never stop loving

never stop forgiving,

make sure when it’s your time to go

you are leaving a life with no regrets

tell the people that you care about

and the ones you love the most

just how much they mean to you

who know tomorrow may not come


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