Long road ahead

So Daniel and I are still not out of the woods with Jade, Her top 2 ventricles are still quite enlarged, though they are stable and on the higher end of normal, the poor little girls head looks enlarged as well, I am going to tell the doctor today when i take her in for her 2 month old needles,

SO looks like we are going to be in and out of neurologist, physio therapy, occupational therapy and the pediatrician,


I just want everything to be other with and for jade to be healthy, why does she have to have so many thing wrong with her for????Though all in all  Jade is doing great, eating like a champ and just sleeping, the boys love her, they quite often go into her and wave or just stand there looking at her,


The other night i was feeding Jade in the dinning room, and Deacan and Jason were going to bed, I asked them if they wanted to give Jade a Kiss and cuddle good night, and they both came up and kissed her and cuddled her and said good night and waved, it was so cute, Jason loves to help out, if i am giving her a bottle he will bring over the spew rag or go and put the nappy in the bin, Deacan just stands there and gets all hypo its so cute,


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