Good bye 2011

So today is the last day of 2011, What are everyone’s plans for tonight? Going out to have a good night with Friends? or having a nice quite one at home?


So much has happened to me and my family in 2011 i honestly don’t know where to begin,

I done the worlds greatest shave and shaved my shoulder length hair right off,

Deacan had his first birthday,

We had the birth of our lovely daughter Jade,

Jade proved all the doctors wrong and survived and was sent home just before Christmas,

Daniel and I work on our differences and made our relationship stronger,

I was finally able to say good bye to Bryce

I made a lot of new friends from my Due in January 2011 board

Daniel and I moved house with help from Friends and Family,

I made some really special and close friends while i was in hospital pregnant and in the NICU with Jade,


A lot of good and bad things have happened this year  the list above is only a few off the top of my head that i can think of,

I wont be going out tonight, i will be staying home and spending time with Daniel, Jason, Deacan and Jade, and being very grateful for what 2011 has brought and given to me and my family


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