The Internet

Have you ever notice that there is always that one people in every group that has to make things difficult or a bad experience for everyone,


so take Facebook for an example, there is always someone on everyone’s friends list that has to be the one who has an answer for everything, the person who knows it all, and could never be wrong, I have a  couple on my friends list  that always seem to know everything even if they haven’t been through the same or similar situation themselves,  or they always have to put their 2 cents worth in, it can become quite annoying at times, as you make a post then you wait for some type of smart-ass reply to come from that person who in all honesty has no clue.

You also have the stalkers on Facebook, the ones who follow everything you do, they join pages/games that you do, if you add someone as a friend they have to add them as well, or they add your family members and they don’t even know them like come on seriously who does that?


Then you also have other internet sites or forums, its amazing how people act so “tough”  how insecure must a person have to be to sit behind a computer screen and cause a whole heap of problems for other people, they must have a pretty pathetic life they have to stalk you on forums, go every place that you go to, read every topic that you post just so they can cause drama and make you feel pretty low about yourself and for the choices that you have made, though i bet any money on it, that if you got them face to face they would do anything they wouldn’t be so tough then,

Or you have people who have been through a situation once and they think they know everything to it, and what ever you say is wrong and you don’t know what you talking about,


What is it with people who have to bully on the internet? what do people get out of it? does it make them feel special knowing that they can cause someone so much pain or stress just to make themselves look bigger,  so i guess it doesn’t matter where you go on the internet you always seem to get people like that


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