Day after Day

The days just seem like one continues day, with a few breaks in between, i am starting to loose track of what day it is, let alone the time,  some days i am 2 or 3 hours a head of myself or even a day a head,


So Daniel and i are still trying to adjust with 3 kids in the house, doesn’t  help that we have 3 under 3 and that they can all be quite demanding,

the nights for us is a big thing, we went out and brought Jason and Deacan new car beds, as they are now both to old/big to be in cots, and do you think we can get them to sleep in it? Deacan screams his head off until someone nurses him to sleep, and Jason just keeps coming out of his room, then just clings to you, I don’t understand how they don’t like it, they sleep on open beds at daycare and love it,


Deacan has started going through the terrible 2’s with full force he has turned into a little monster, he bites, kicks, hit’s you, throws toys at you  and has turned very demanding I guess though it doesnt help that Jade is  home now and he has someone else fighting for our attention, Deacan has a very bad habit  of throwing his weight around, he will just start pushing you out of no where, or he will just start trying to throw jason around,


Jason is a bit of a handful now to, being very stubborn, he likes to do everything himself even f it takes about an hour t do something that should take less than  a minute,


though all in all i guess kids are just kids, just going to take some getting used to, and getting them into a routine that they stick to,


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