High Horse

What gives people the right to sit there and judge and to tell me what has or needs to be done when they have no clue? What makes people get on their high horse and think that they know what is right, I am so over people telling me what to do,


Not that life is hard enough already with out the hypocritical people out there judging your every move, telling you waht you are doing right and wrong and how things need to be done,


People think because they have 1 prem baby that they know everything about it and think they know how i should be raising mine, though you know what? I have had 4 prem babies, though i might only have 3 here with me now though i think i know what is best for more children other than you…

or you have the people who haven’t even had kids, grr that really annoys me, i can not stand how people that have not had any children at all, can sit there and tell you what you need to do, how would they know what needs to be done or how to do it.. you dont have any kids…..


Having children isnt as easy as it looks, i used to think it would be easy up until i had kids myself, the constant worry, anxiety and panic about doing something wrong, or not good enough,


One child is some what easy enough, then add a second on to it, and it gets a bit harder though add a third one in and it is truly hard, trying to juggle all 3 making sure they are all getting the attention that they need plus that all 3 are well looked after it isnt easy,


SO before you get back on your high horse and try to tell me what to do sit back and look in the mirror


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