I know its normal for children to have a lot of energy though my 2 boys have a ton of it, they are for ever on the go and always moving,

they tend to run circles around me, Jason reminds me of the energizer bunny that used to be on T.V as he is just non stop, I find it hard to do activities with them as i just cant keep up to them,

What are some activities that i can do with them to help them burn the energy that they have?

I was thinking about buying them a trampoline so they can just jump all their energy out, we have a 2 seater bike and a little scooter thing here for them, though it requires us to push them on it, as they can’t move it on their own,

I feel if we can get them to burn their energy they will be less of a handful, though its just hard to find stuff that they can do,


Daycare is good for them as they have a lot of activities there that they can do that does help, and plus they love it there to, I try to limit the sugary food that i give them, so they don’t have even more energy, I can’t take them to a park to play as there are none close by plus they would just run off,

They are for ever trashing the house, i think it is because they are just bored, and are just looking for stuff to do, they have ample toys here though, so i dont understand how they can get bored,


One thought on “Energy

  1. Kids naturally ‘want’ to help their teachers/parents… wear them out with helping you. Do not let them waste in the idea that you should take care of them. Noooooooo… they actually want to learn, want to know… teach them how to clean, care for themselves, take care of others… focus their energy in such ways and they will not seem to be so full of boundless energy

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