Why Bother?

Kids will be kids and I know that, though why do i even bother…..


I am constantly trying to get them to listen to me, though they dont its like i am talking to a brick wall, i get them to help with packing up their toys or making food or just try to get them to help one way or another, though they just dont listen, they are always tipping their toys out, and scattering them all through out the house,

I make them food that they want and it just goes on the ground and then they ask for more, they want a cordial or a milk so i make it and then they dont drink it or its a fight cos the other one got a different coloured top or the coloured top that they wanted….


Or they are leeches, they never used to be like that though now all they want to do is to be picked up and connected to my hip, like dont get me wrong i dont mind picking the kids up though do they always have to be on my hip? and if i dont it is world war 3 with them and the tantrums begin


Everything is a fight with them, i was told to pick my battles and i do though it just doesnt work.. there is only so much of time out or smacking or taking stuff off them that a person can do…


I know its just part and parcel of having kids and thats just what they do though i swear they are going to send me crazy or at least give me a full head of gray hair


3 thoughts on “Why Bother?

  1. Why are you catering to them so? Seriously… why?
    It is far more informational for them to learn that you give food as YOU see fit. It is far more informational that they learn what YOU think is okay to do with toys. You should not cater to them but rather you should be teaching them what YOU want them to do. They are learning right now in a big way and when you give them all they demand they learn nothing. That is how the learning works.

    • I cater to them so i know they will eat, I know i shouldn’t though i like to know they are not going to bed hungry, I try what ever i give them and they dont like a good several times by keep putting it back in front of them, and telling them that they dont get anything else to eat, though its hard to stick to that, i just wanna make sure they are fed if you know what i mean

      • I know that you want to make life perfect for them and it’s easy to understand why. They will learn fast that healthy food is good if it’s their only choice when they get hungry. When they are hungry … they will eat. They eat anything they see you eating. They will eat anything they can … when they are hungry. If there is always healthy food available, that’s what they’ll learn to eat. It’s what my parents did. Kids will overdose on sugar. If the only source of sugar is fruit… I’m just saying. I learned to cook because there wasn’t anything to eat that didn’t require it. Besides that it’s a lot less stress if you can wait till they are hungry before trying to worry about their eating habits. Most people in the ‘western world’ eat extravagantly and to excess when compared to people in many other parts of the world. We’re all human and we all survive to adulthood. Obesity is a problem in the western world. Perhaps we’re doing something basic wrong. When they are babies, waiting till they are hungry can suck at 3 a.m. but learning to eat only when you are hungry is a good lesson to learn I think. That’s just my opinion.

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