This is possibly going to seem like a stupid post or even a silly one, though do you ever think that your partner isn’t attracted to you? or that you are not attractive?

I do, well i do as of late, since i have now lost my breast because i am no longer Breastfeeding or expressing, my hair looks like i have a mullet since i done shave for a cure, and i now look like a skeleton with skin due to me loosing weight. I honestly feel like Daniel isn’t Attracted to me any more, I know there is more to life then looks or beauty, It is also what is on the inside as well, though its still nice to be pleasant to the eyes of your partner,


SO how does one make themselves feel better? do you o out shopping and buy new clothes or make up? do you change what you can about your appearance? or do you just leave it and hope that they find you attractive again some day?

One thought on “Attractive

  1. You need to focus not on your inner feelings but what you can actually learn from Daniel. When you focus on only your inner thoughts you will quickly lose sight of anything resembling Daniel’s feelings.
    Your hair will grow back. Your weight will come back – tend to that. Exercise a bit every day or two. Eat healthy as you can. List the things that worry you and begin taking care of them because stress will keep you unhealthy. Unhealthy = unattractive? Babies eat breasts. Men know this. There is plenty to show him on the web as to why this happens.

    Is Daniel so shallow that he would not like you without bigger breasts? I don’t think so and I don’t think you really do either. Probably, and it’s just a guess, the most unattractive thing about you at this moment is insecurity. Be secure in yourself and all that you are doing as a mother. If you want attention… give attention.

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