Busy day

I have such a full on day today,


Mum and Bella now have their own place and are now out of the spare room, the spare room now turns into Jades room, so need to set that up with her porta-cot and cot, change table etc, and make sure her clothes and blankets are now in her new set of drawers,


I have cleared out the boys room, stripped their beds and sorted through the new and old toys and split them up and put into two tubs and put a tub each in each of their rooms, so it gets the smaller toys out of the lounge room, and frees up some space,


I have done 1 out of 6 loads of washing, and one load is about finished, I am finding crap everywhere, and i don’t know if it is clean or not so i am washing it to be on the safe side,


I still need to sort our room out, put all the clothes away stripped the bed wash the sheets, clean the ensuite, and vacuum it all out plus vacuum out the whole house and mop and get something out for tea, make sure both the boys and Jades bottles are done and do the dishes,


Plus mind you its already like 29 degrees, its meant to get to like 35 degrees today we dont have air con we only have fans so to top it off its hot as all hell,


though mind you all this needs to be done by 4.30pm when i leave to get the kids from daycare

And before anyone states “why isn’t Daniel helping” Daniel is in bed sleeping as he was up all night between Jade not settling and feeding every hour, and then for Jason to be up at 2am and Deacan to be up at 3am, so Daniel has had no sleep at all so i am letting him sleep as he let me sleep last night


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