I am so over everyone’s god damn smart ass remarks. What is it with people? AHH it frustrates the hell out of me, you post something wanting to know a genuine answer and some drop kick has to post something stupid to it, bloody hell get a life…

Or you have the ones that have to post the same crap on something else that you post, like something totally different or random, seriously what the hell is up with that

Im guessing people were never taught:

if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all

Maybe this is just the heat though it really pisses me off when people have to be smart ass’s


2 thoughts on “Remarks

  1. Can I first say Sarah I notice it A LOT on your posts that u get some nasty replies or some random crap or u get someone who knows it all. Can I just make a suggestion why I think this may happen?
    I believe it’s because u have a lot of people on there that don’t personally know u they are on your friends list simply for game reasons. So when u post something may b cause they don’t know u they just don’t care what they say or know your situation. My thoughts anyway.

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