Shortage on Employment

Due to the fact that there is a shortage of employment these days i would love to rent/own my own shop and be my own boss,

Not sure what i would sell as of yet or what it would have in it, though having my own hours and being able to employ other people (that’s if it takes off) would be great, I thought selling a range of  stuff would be great, like stuff for the house, baby items, jewelery, craft items etc,

though once again the start up cos is huge, you need to have the money up front to buy all your items, plus also rent power etc, i wonder if i start saving now and buying the items if i will be able to do it,

Of course i would have to talk to Daniel about it, and maybe see a bank for a business loan though if i get my head into it right it should be really good,

And to be honest having my own shop is always something i have wanted i know that sounds stupid and silly though you could make it to what ever you want it to be, selling the things you want to sell, seeing a range of people every day, i know it is going to be hard work and it is going to take a bit of money to start up, as i will also have to have an accountant as well so i make sure i dont get into trouble with the Australian Taxation Office,


Though if i sit down and really think about it i know i can do this i might have to get a third bank account to start saving into to show the bank that i can save so they will give me a loan, and if i get a good amount of money behind me or even some money behind me it should work out,


That way i can have something i have started from the ground up, i will have accomplished something and I wont have to deal with other people telling me what to do,


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