Growing up Fast

My Kids are growing up way to fast,

Jason is almost 3, and he still feels like a baby to me, I still remember the day/night he was born and seeing just how small he was, the nurses had to convince me that he was mine i didn’t believe them, there have been so many hurdles with him though we have over come them and he is a brillian young boy now, sometimes to smart for his own good


Deacan is getting way bigger now to, He is such an affectionate little man, always loves to give kisses and cuddles, Deacan is a little slow on the talking side though the things he is doing with Jason is just unbelievable


Its amazing sitting back and watching them both work together to get what they want, like tonight they wanted to climb up onto something, so they both carried their little table out together so they could stand on it, they quite often play with each other a lot as well, and if one of them are not at daycare the other one seems lost for the day,


Jade had her check up today with the health nurses they weighed her and she is 3630g or 8 pounds, and the funny thing is that today was her due date so if she went to term she would of been 8 pounds… thats a big baby LOL


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