SO i have just brought my first lot of stock to start making my bracelets, i just have to wait now for it to arrive in the mail…

this is getting exciting, i cant wait to start making them for other people,

I think i might have my hopes up to much though oh well, i just really hope it takes off, and that people like it, Who knows i might be able to turn it into a full time job, depending on the charms and bracelets that i can buy, I just have to make sure i can get some pretty coloured ones plus also the silver ones,  I have had a look at some wholesalers sites for the charms and there is so many that you can get, though i dont wanna put to much money into buying everything if know one will buy them,

so its kinda a catch 22, i can either buy to much and it doesnt sell, or i can buy not enough and get swamped with orders, I’ll just wait and see i guess to see how it goes,


Daniel seems to be very supportive about it to, usually when i talk about working from home he tells me i never stick at it or it doesnt work, though he seems to back me with this one, and actually seems generally interested


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