Stock Again

I am so happy with the stock that i have purchased for Sarah’s Charms, I just have to wait for it to arrive in the mail now, I am looking at any time up until February for it all to arrive,

though i have over 50 different types of Charms to choose from, and also the bracelets to put them on

Once it gets off the ground i will start looking at making the necklaces and earings so people can have matching sets, i need to keep my eyes open with my stockists to see what other type of charms they have,

I have charms ranging from coloured, glass, the alphabet, dangle charms, to silver ones with plain patterns on them,

Also once it takes off i will also start to invest in different type of chains like different coloured latches on them, and also gold chains as well


I finally have my logo now and i am very impressed with it 🙂

Also going to offer people 2 different ways of payment, direct deposit and paypal

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