Clingy Much

Im not to sure what has gotten into the boys lately, if it is just a stage or if it is because Jade is home, though they have both been super clingy, Jason needs to hold you hand to do anything even if it is just to go and pick something up that is next to him, and its not just here and there it is all the time, or he is forever wanting to be picked up or have his hand or arm on you, and Deacan is forever wanting to be picked up and nursed or being all over you, dont get me wrong i love giving the boys cuddles and kisses and showing them affection though at the moment all they want to do is to be connected to my hip or they scream, and both boys are quite heavy they are like 13 or 14kgs each, i can only hold them for so long before i have to put them down, I am trying to get them out of this clingy stage though if i dont do it they just scream and kick and throw a tantrum, I honestly dont know what to do anymore, i have tried to ignore it, i have tried only picking them up every now and again, and i have tried to go along with them thinking that they would just grow out of it, though its becoming worse and worse each day, it gets to the point with me, that Jason and Deacan touch/hold me that much once we put them to bed and Daniel puts his arm around me i have to tell him not to, as i am just so agitated


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