Eventful night

SO last night was quite crazy, Jason spent a part of the night up at the Logan emergency.

Daniel was getting both Jason and Deacan to go into the lounge as we were trying to settle them down to go to bed, and he slipped on the dust pan and smack his face on the tiles, Daniel called me over as he said Jason was bleeding though didn’t know where, I thought it was from his mouth to start with as Jason is forever getting blood lips, though we seen it was from his nose we grabbed a towel out of the linen press to apply compression to his nose to stop the bleeding, though in an instant his nose began to swell, and Jason also had 2 black  eyes

Daniel went outside to call his dad to see if it was broken, and i jumped straight onto the phone to 13HEALTH to see if they could say if it was broken or not,

In the end we had to take him up to the emergency, the doctor checked him over and said that until the swelling went down they couldnt tell if it was broken or not, so we need to take him to our local doctor in a couple of days once the swelling goes down to check it, though also the chances of it being broken are quite slim, he said that he may of dislocated it, as his nose is no longer straight,


The poor little bugger, we need to keep the pain relief into him for the next couple of days, it should also help take the swelling down as well,

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