Jade’s Condition

The other day when the health nurses were here to do a weigh check, they had Jade’s discharge papers with them, I asked them what her condition with her head was called they said it was called Ventriculomegaly  and she also has a mild case of tongue tie


4 thoughts on “Jade’s Condition

  1. My 1st daughter had a tounge tie. I ended up making the choice to get it cut. After doing some research on it I decided to do it as it can lead to poor speech, teeth to not grow straight, poor feeding and the list goes on. There is a dr at upper mount gravatt that only specializes in tounge ties and circumcision. Kayla was only 4 weeks old when I got it done and I’m so glad I did it now. Don’t get me wrong I was an emotional mess at the thought of this being cut under no anasetic. But it took a total of 5 minutes if that and that time included her being taken away from me and bought back. She didn’t even cry till she got back into my arms, I put her straight onto the breast (which they advise to do) and There was only had one drop of blood and that was on my shirt from when I went to feed her.
    Not to sure what your thoughts are on this but it may b worth having a look into?

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