Dont Show The Hurt

Dont let it get You down
Dont let him see the hurt
dont let the pain sit in your heart
you gotta let it go
you know it hurts
you feel the pain
all you wanna do is cry.

You dont want him to know,
Just how much you cared,
or how much he broke your heart
you feel so allowen
like no ones around
you feel like you the only one

Your want the pain
to go away
you want the hurt
to end
you want your heart
to unbreak

You want your love back
you want your heart back
you want someone
to whipe away your tears

The pain wont go
the heartacke wont leave
he let you go,
and didnt give back your heart
what am i surposed to do

Your surposed to walk away
and not look back
no matter how you feel
or no matter how much you care
you have to turn your back
and just let him go
you might of hurt him
or acted like you dont care
but you know
you still care


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