I received something in the mail today from the boys old daycare and i had to laugh…


there is no way i hell that my boys are going back there, not after the way they were mistreated and abused… and i am still waiting on the report that was done on what had happened…


All i know is that my kids love their new daycare, they are well looked after all meals are supplied and they are cheaper, than the old daycare, and i dont have my kids clinging or screaming at me as soon as i get there to drop them off….


Jason runs off to do his own thing, Deacan stays around me and wont let go though he is going through a stage, cos as soon as i leave he is fine with in not even 5 mins,

At least i know they are being looked after at their new daycare, at least i know they are not get abused at their new daycare, and at least i know they are getting fed at their new daycare and not coming home starving….


Old daycare you can stuff it up your butt my kids are not going back, and i have recommend to all my friends that they dont send their kids to your daycare


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