Man Flu

I think its some what funny when men get sick, as it doesn’t matter what they are sick with they have the “Man Flu” and it seems like the whole world has to come to a complete stop for them, like don’t get me wrong i understand some men don’t get sick that often so when they do really get sick it does feel like they are dieing,  though seriously come on do they have to moan and grown about it? is the whole world really ending because you are sick? i think not


Though you get some men when they are sick all they do is sleep, i would love to just sleep all day if i was sick though the reality of it is that i can’t i have 3 children under the age of 3 that need to be looked after i also have a house i need to keep clean and house work that needs to be done and also soon a home business that will need to be kept running so i wont be able to sleep all day, i dont get to now if i am sick,


I am sure i am not the only one who thinks like this, who else out there thinks that the man flu is just a cop out? and they should do what they tell us to do and harden the F up? i also seem to think that the man flu seems to be the perfect way for a male to get out of his duties or responsibilities and just turn lazy


Any way that is just my thoughts on it any how,


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