I honestly forgot what it was like not to get much sleep, when deacan was a baby he would pretty much sleep all night, so i didnt really get sleep deprived, though also Deacan is almost 2 as well, so its been a while,

Though Jade wakes up a couple of times during the night, and she is really unsettled during the night as well she doesnt like to give her wind up after a feed, so i think that causes pain in her belly of a night,


the past couple of nights i have been surviving off 3 or 4 hours sleep, though today once mum takes the boys to daycare i am going to load the dishwasher up vacuum and then hopefully Jade will still be sleeping so i can have a sleep,


Daniel is still sick in bed, so i cant see him getting up and giving me a hand, or even if he gets up i cant see him helping out, so i need to get most of it done first then i can have a sleep and try to catch up on some, then with any luck the boys should go to bed early tonight so i can get an early one to

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