Men And Housework

Ok so i know not all male are like this, though why can’t a male come with a gene in their body that actually makes them do house work for? i know some males clean up after themselves though other males expect their partner to do it,

Daniel is a big one for this, i know he works a lot and i stay home with the kids so it is kinda expected of me to do it, and that’s fair enough i understand and don’t mind. Though what i do mind is having to always be cleaning up after him, he never takes out his recycling there is always coke bottles and crap all over the stove, how hard is it to walk an extra not even 500m and put it in the bin?

Another big thing that pisses me off is that he never puts his washing in the washing machine, either leaves it at his computer, in the bathroom or next to the bed, i always have to go looking around to find what he needs to be washed, because if i dont wash something that he needs i dont hear the end of it,

Also what has just started happening is that he brought some nappy rash powder as he has a chafing rash, though what i hate is that he leave powder all over the bathroom floor that then gets trampled all over the bedroom floor….


Yesterday i went and had a nap as i had sweet all sleep the night before and only like 3 or 4 hours sleep the night before that so i was running on empty i hadnt done any of the house work what so ever, i honestly though that while i was having a nap that Daniel would of done some of it for me, even if it was just stacking the dishwasher and turning it on…. nope nothing was done for me i got up and the place was a mess, so i was expected to clean it up in between feeding Jade then the boys come home and Daniel couldnt even help me get the kids ready for bed or even put them into bed, like yeah i know he wasnt well though some help would of been great, i cant do everything


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