So Much To Do

I have a very busy day a head of me, mum is coming around to take the boys to daycare, as i crashed my car 2 days ago, so it will just be Jade and I at home, i need to wait for more deliveries today,

I need to clean up the house, wash the boys sheets, also need to clean out the Garage so i can set up Sarah’s Charms in there, so all the charms, bracelets and packaging are out of the way of the kids so none of them get wreaked. also need to find something for dinner, and have a shower and try and get some order into our bedroom again, and finish unpacking all my clothes, i still have 4 space bags full of clothes and i am getting sick of wearing the same clothes that i am wearing,

Also need to chase up a few deliveries from my stockists, and find out if they have sent it or not,

I have had some money refunded through paypal though it isnt back in my account or my bank account so need to chase that up to, also need to make a few phone calls to


I will be a busy bee today


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