Lately i have been feeling quite lonely and alone, I know i have a heap of friends though they are either on facebook that i can talk to or they are ages away, I have some friends that do live some what close by and some family member’s that come and visit, though i feel really lonely, i very rarely have anyone come and visit for a catch up


This is going to sound selfish though i honestly cant remember the last time i went out and had a night to myself where i could really let my hair down and just relax, i know that all changes once you have children though Daniel has been able to do it a bit, he has been able to go out and just forget about everything, just once i would love to though i know i can’t i have the kids here, i can’t see daniel waking up to jade in the middle of the night nore getting up and staying up when the boys get out of bed,


Though it would be nice if people did drop in to see me have a cupper with me, and just chat about anything and everything i get quite down being at home all the time and not really having anyone to talk to, my mum comes and visits and has coffee and helps me out, though i know she has her own life and i dont want to keep asking her to come over


I honestly dont have the time to really go out, by the time i get the kids to daycare and then come home and clean do washing, bottles etc, its almost time to go and get them again, plus i dont really like having to take jade out all the time, and it would help if i had a car at the moment,

that is off the road until i fix it, as i crashed it the other day and took out both left tires and the rims, so need to fix those and make sure i havent done any other damage to it



I guess soon i will get a break…. soon….. maybe


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