More Stock

I should be getting in more stock on Monday or Tuesday, i am looking forward to it, that means once i get more in i can put more photos up on Sarah’s Charms Facebook page,


I know i shouldn’t really have the page set up and published at the moment, considering i am not taking orders though i wanted to get Sarah’s Charms out there and known so when i can start taking orders i dont have to wait for people to find it,


I just hope i have got the right charms for people, and its what they like, I have told everyone that i am up for suggestions, and that all they need to do is email me, i will try my hardest to find the charms that they are after, if i can’t find the exact ones i will find one similar,


Sarah’s Charms can go either way, either

1) i can get swamped with orders and not have the stock to back it up


2) it can not take off and i am left with all this stock that i need to get rid of,


I guess word of mouth is a big thing, once someone buys one and leaves a review of it on the website about either liking it or not liking it, then it should go well


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