One Of Those Days

have you ever gotten up in the morning and instantly known its going to be one of those days?


I did this morning, Jade woke up screaming for her feed, Jason was already up laying on the couch, tried to give Jade a feed and she didnt really want it

Jason wouldnt leave my side, every where i was he wanted to be then Deacan got up and just would not stop crying,  nothing was wrong with him he just anted to be constantly connected to my hip


so i have sat them both down to draw which they love to do, and every time i go to move away Jason screams out at the top of his lung mummy mummy mummy coming mummy mummy mummy coming…….. i go back to him and he just smiles at me…..



I spent 5 hours plus yesterday cleaning this house from top to toe, and it is already trashed, the kids trashed it in the space of an hour possibly not even that, so i dont even understand why i spend all day cleaning for when they are just going to make a huge mess, you couldnt even tell that i cleaned yesterday


So today i will be spending all day cleaning again, dealing with all 3 kids, plus answering emails for Sarah’s Charms



its gonig to be one of those days 😦


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