Jade is in Hospital

Jade is back in hospital again, i called the after hours doctor to come around yesterday as she kept vomiting up her feed, she was shaking and very mottled, the doctor came and took her temperature listened to her chest and said take her to the hospital asap, took her up to the emergency  we was seeing the nurse she was quite pale, they took us straight in and took us to resus, they have done a complete set of bloods and put her on a drip, also took her for a CT scan, her bloods came back ok though one is showing that the the one that fights infection is really low, so they have started her on antibiotics, they think that she could have menigitis again or possibly a cyst on her brain, on the CT scan it showed that her ventricals are still quite enlarged and that they they havent gone down at all,  they said that they could have to do another lumber puncture again 😦 and she needs to go for another EEG to see her seizuriers,


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