Orded more stock

Well isntead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself or Jade i got on the computer and brought   more stock for Sarah’s Charms,


I cant keep sitting here feeling sorry for us, what is that going to solve, a lady on Fertility Friend was right i need to get my head into the game and stop feeling sorry as its already done and there is nothing i can do about it now, the only thing i can do is be the best mother i can be for Jade, and give her all the help and support that i can, and i will, i am going to start researching what i can to help her, and start documenting things so i can help improve her and hopefully  lessen the severity or the damage that is done, though action needs to start now,


I had a day where i could cry and feel sorry for myself and guilty though 24 hours is up i need to put my head on straight and get into work,


They are keeping Jade in hospital for another 5 days for monitoring so thats a good thing,


though back to the stock i have put up some photos on Sarah’s Charms Facebook page of the stock i am now waiting to arrive so i can start taking orders


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