Sarah’s Charms

so about 1/2 of my stock has arrived, so i am busy sorting it all out and putting each different charm in a bag so i can keep an eye on how many i have etc,

I am up to the hardest part now,

I need to work on the price list, though i have no idea what to charge, i need to make sure i am at least getting my money back and at least making a little profit considering i am sending the bracelets etc free of charge inside of Australia, though i dont want to make them to cheap though i dont want people to think they are expensive either nor do i want to make it to hard/confusing  for the customer either


if you havent already done so please stop over at Sarah’s Charms on facebook and click on like, also dont forget to share the page either please, it shouldnt be to long at all before i am up and ready to take orders


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