Stressed to the max……

today is seriously one of those days, i just wantto go to bed and wake up for it to be another day a new day, I haeto do so much today, and i just honestly dont have the energy,


I seem to live with a house full of grots, i am constantly cleaning up after all the boys, granted that Jason and Deacan are only 1 and 2, they try to help out though get board and go and do something else yesterday i vacuumed the house like 4 bloody times, with no help, no help picking up the toys or putin te rubbish in the bin, plus doing all the other house work to,

as for today, what do you know i have to vacuum again, put al the rubbish in the bin, still tend to Jade as she is unsettled, i have been up since about 2am with the kids, i have no chance on catching up on sleep as there is just so much to do here, Like seriously i know i am a mother and a house wife though why is it ME that has to do everything?


Sarah’s Charms should be up and running in like a week maybe two taking orders so i will be flat out, doing jades appointments, cleaning up after everyone and doing that as well,


Plus on top of everything i can hardly move my whole body is hurting, from my whole back to my hips to my neck and to my shoulders,  I dont know if it is just out or i am coming down with the flu, though i cant spend all day in bed sleeping it off i have responsibilities that i have to keep up with



Oh wel better just suck it up and deal with it i guess



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