Just once

it would be really nice if we caught a break, if its not from the kids being sick its from me being sick,

Just once it would be nice if my husband didnt speak to me like shit or yell at me,

I went to bed last night at around 9pm as i was utterly tired, and really needed sleep as i had been up since about 2am with the kids, and hadnt had a chance to have a nap during the day, so after daniel being late home trying to get both kids in bed and asleep, i managed to get deacan down with out a problem and started to get jason down, he got up twice before daniel got home then he was home adhe got up again so i got danil to puthim to bed as i really needed to eat, though daniel feel asleep in there with jason for about 30 mns or so,

the doctor came and checked  me out he said i have signs of menigitis and that i needed to get to the hospital to be check out, also my right side of my throat is all swollen more than normal so i need to have blood tests, swabs and an ultrasound of my throat,

Woke up this morning andi am sore then ever today, though wont be able to get to the doctors fo a check up as daniel has to bed for some sleep,

though now he knows what it was like for me when he spent 2 days in bed sick and i was left to deal with al 3 kids with out a break, though i never once spoke to him like shit, though i guess it is ok fo him to speak to me like it and treat me like it


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