I am so angry with yesterday…… i am still that angry now i can not talk to Daniel, he has my blood boiling….


Yesterday as stressful enough with Jade having her convulsions and with me being up at the hospital with her, let alone coming home to a very trashed house and 2 very unruly children,


Yes i know Daniel was sleep deprived though so was i,  though when all 3 kids were here at home while h was sleeping, i was still ale to manage a sink full of dishes, put a load of washing on, vacuum a couple of time and some what clean up, yes the house was still a mess, though when the ambulance got here both te boys were asleep in the lounge,


I cam home there was a complete sink full of dishes and bottles, the house was trashed from head to toe, there were food scraps everywhere, crap was broken and left laying around, and there was rubbish all over the bench….


If it wasnt bad enough i had to come home to that, let alone my own mother helping me clean it up while daniel was either on the computer or sitting in the lounge,


I went into him and told him he could at least get off his ass and give me a hand so my own mother didnt have to do it,  so he just came out and stood behinde Jason while he was eating… granted he DID take the boys for a bath, though that was while mum and i were still cleaning the house,

It was great to see that during the time that he was up yesterday he still had time to some what relax and eat…..


I didnt have a chance to eat at all yesterday  until the boys were in bed and asleep and then it was like 8pm….


I will surely be talking to him about this as crap needs to change i am not a door mat, let alone a slave, running a house is a two way street not a one way street… after everything that had happened yesterday some help would of been great, though i guess i am just dreaming hey…..


Though dnail will more than likely read this, or someone else will and will go back running to him and bitching to him about tough you know what go for it… seriously if you want to get into his ear and cause even more drama go right a head….. i know you will any how

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