Jade scared the living shit out of me yesterday i was feeding her and she went into 2lots of convulsions lasting about a minute each with them, her last one that she had she turned really pale and purple and just went lifeless and limp in my arms i thought she was dead 😦 i called 000 (the same as your 911) and an ambulance raced straight here
they took us straight to hospital,

The put us straight into childrens resus, and the doctors rushed me outof the rom, thy were saying about doing tests, ;like an xray, CT scan, EEG, MRI and lumber puncture, and then i could hear them saying that they needed to put a canula in though her veins kept collapsing,

Since being in hospital she hasnt had any more seizure sor convulsions, her reflux is playing up with her though they have taken bloods and sent them away

I just feel so helpless


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