Turning my Back

I seriously feel like turning my back on God, and loosing all faith,

As he has seemed to have done it to me,


One thought on “Turning my Back

  1. God didn’t have anything to do with it, not the bad, not the good. There is no god to blame. Life is like this. Statistically some people will have it worse, some will have it better. It always kind of sucks when you are a statistic. The truth is that this is how life is. It sucks mostly. At moments like this I can tell you that when I had gone to the zoo and watched a gorilla calmly sit and watch the sky while twirling a small stick between its fingers… well, I now know how that gorilla could have been so content. Life really can suck but god did not do anything to you and god can’t help fix it. If it is going to get fixed you are going to have to do it on your own. When the time is right you will decide enough is enough and you’ll make whatever change you find necessary to change how things are. Then you’ll push your way through it all out of sheer will power or terror. There will be no god there with you. Any real comfort you find will be the same kind of comfort that gorilla had. In some moments, the weather is good and nothing is trying to kill you or steal your food. That is contentment. There is no god, it’s up to you to sink or swim. It always has been even when you were giving credit to god.

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